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Algorfa (Alicante)
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Algorfa Castle (Alicante)
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History of Algorfa (Alicante)

The municipality of Algorfa has its origin in the privilege granted in 1328 by Alfonso IV to the natives of the kingdom of Valencia, by which it granted the minor jurisdiction, also called alfonsina, to all those owners of rustic properties for the fact of constituting in them at least fifteen houses and settle the same number of families. This privilege was in force until the abolition of the Fueros of the Kingdom of Valencia by the Nueva Planta Decree, issued after the War of Succession in 1714 with the proclamation of Felipe V as King of Spain.

On August 16, 1761, the owner of the Benejúzar estate, Juan Rosell y Roda, in his will instituted mayorazgo over the estate called “de Algorfa” and other assets in favor of his nephew Francisco Ruiz-Dávalos y Rosell and within his direct descent, in his children Antonio and Josefa. The latter, with her husband Ignacio Pérez de Sarrió, lord of Formentera, would obtain the Alfonsine jurisdiction for the Algorfa estate, for which and fulfilling the requirement established in the privilege of 1328, she ordered the construction of 16 houses on said property.

The year after the mayorazgo was created, he obtained the title of Marquis of Algorfa, with the previous Viscounty of Arneva, by Royal Dispatch of March 3, 1762.

By Royal Provision given in the city of Valencia on June 26, 1790, Carlos IV, granted to the spouses Ignacio Pérez de Sarrió and Isabel Ruiz Dávalos, Marquises of Algorfa, the Alfonsino privilege over the residents of the place recently founded in the inheritance of Algorfa, property of the expressed Marchioness.

As stated in the written documents relating to the town of Algorfa and its history, in 2015 the 225th Anniversary of its constitution as a neighborhood unit with an administrative and political entity is celebrated. In other words, it became, in 1790, what we understand today as a municipality.

Cayetano Aledo, Pedro Box, Ramón Gil, Mariano Espinosa, José Box, Francisco Mingues, Agustín Menogil, José Menogil, Pedro Quesada, Blas García, Andrés Soto, Andrés García, Francisco Ferrer, Antonio Giménez, José Martínez and Antonio Martínez, were the 16 first settlers of Algorfa and with their presence it was possible to request, before Carlos IV, the following:

“… I beg your Vuecencia that, having submitted and exhivido said Documents, please declare to have reverted to my Party the expressed mixed jurisdiction, called Alfonsina, and consequently send the corresponding Excutorial Office, so that I can exercise the expressed jurisdiction in the manner and form prescribed by the Laws in the new place of Algorfa ”.

It was June 26, 1790 and Algorfa had been born by virtue of a Royal Provision granted by Carlos IV to the Marquis of the same name.

It is true that thanks to the great work of Father Furgús, archaeologist and Jesuit, it has been established that Algorfa had its first settlers in remote times, the Neolithic in particular, III Millennium BC, but the first modern reference to this population is located in that year of the 18th century.

This is how the birth of this new town was created, whose beginnings were not easy at all, since the neighboring towns of Almoradí and Rojales put many obstacles to the municipal independence of the newly created place of Algorfa, which was the subject of a long lawsuit among the Marquis of Algorfa and the neighboring municipalities.

Montemar Castle. This manor house was built at the end of the 18th century and since then it belonged to the Casa Rojas County family – Counts of Casa Rojas. It never had military uses, it was generally used as a summer residence for the successive owners. His style is somewhat French. It has two square towers and two circular towers with ashlar corners. The main tower has garitones on its corners, and battlements with their crowns sloping outwards. It has a square patio surrounded by a gallery located on the first floor.
Parish Church. Dedicated to Nuestra Señora del Carmen, it is located, as is characteristic in all the towns of the Vega Baja del Segura, near the Town Hall and in front of the Plaza de España.
The Hermitage. It rises on a small hill, which allows it to be seen from any point. It is one of the most representative examples of Algorfa. Built at the beginning of the century with stones from the Algorfa quarry.
Festivities. They are celebrated two weeks before July 16, the day in honor of the Virgen del Carmen.

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