Terms and Conditions



We provide transportation management services for individuals and groups. We operate under the brand “Costablancaairporttransfers” which is our exclusive property. The name of our company is CBA Transfers, travel agency

For commercial purposes, our phone number is (+34) 865 645 116, and can find us on our website, https: //www.cbatransfers .com and our email address is: booking@cbatransfers.com. In the “CONTACT 24H / 24H” of our web page you will find our other phone numbers.

C.B.A.Transfers, it provides transportation management services for individuals and groups.

Before requesting a service offered on our website, make sure you have read and understood these terms and conditions because they govern any subsequent contract. When making a reservation, you confirm that you have read these conditions and has the legal authority to accept on your behalf and on behalf of all passengers. If you have any questions about the contractual conditions, please contact our customer service before proceeding with the booking process.

C.B.A.Transfers to act as representative of direct transport providers.

These terms and conditions are intended to be applied to all contracted services through our website. Please read these conditions before making a reservation.

C.B.A.Transfers – CIF: 48365942 R which complies with current regulations in Spain. And all of our suppliers are licensed transportation and insurance on all vehicles.


1.1. These general conditions apply to all bookings made on this website. We invite you to read them carefully before making any booking.

1.2 When requesting a service provided on our site, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions that apply to your service request.


2.1. Our site is a place where you can find and hire a shuttle from the airport to their place of residence and vice versa. For more details about our services on the pages of our website.


3.1 The person making the reservation must be 18 years and is responsible for following all steps online reservation system, ensure that all data provided are correct and complete and pay in full.


3.2 Once formalized the contract with C.B.A.Transfers. The company will make all necessary arrangements to organize the services requested.


3.3 The contract will be binding on the parties only when you receive your proof of transfer by email. In the event that the transport operator is unable to provide the requested service, the customer will be informed and the total amount will be refunded using the same system used for payment, the company being released from any obligation to the customer.


3.4 The customer must confirm receipt of our notification. For not receive confirmation of receipt of email records stored on our mail server are considered sufficient proof of receipt.


3.5 Our confirmation message receipts and payments made by the customer shall not be considered as proof of existence of a binding contract.


3.6 should be ready to print and book vouchers for submission to the transport operator so that the driver can examine them. If the reservation holder fails to provide proof, it is possible that the transport operator does not make the service. We recommend that you print and carry all communications with the company in addition to the proof of transfer.

3.7 The use of our services to minors is strictly prohibited. His parents, legal guardians or any other person in charge should contact us immediately if a minor reservation service with C.B.A.Transfers to proceed to immediate cancellation. Minors may only travel with an adult.




4.1CBATransfers Shuttle offers its services to individuals or groups.


4.2 offer a choice of services for which transport operators have given their consent. These are private transfer services and shared services transfer or transshipment.


4.3 If you cannot locate the driver of your private transfer or transport service representative, please contact us at the numbers 24/24 hours on the confirmation of your booking. If we do not call these numbers and make other arrangements for transfer, we cannot provide the service, the transport operator shall be released from its obligations and no refund should be. If the driver of your private transfer or shuttle service representative cannot locate him, a member of our customer service will call the mobile phone number indicated on the reservation. Please make sure you have this handset when you wait on luggage or customs. If we cannot locate you or to contact you at the number provided, we cannot provide the service and no refund will be made. All telephone conversations are recorded and stored by our Customer Service Department 24/24 hours a day, which in case of conflict can be used as evidence to determine whether or not there have been calls.


It is your responsibility to check the agreed pick up time and make sure you arrive at the airport, station or port in time for check-in or any other formality travel.


The carrier will pick it up and leave it as close as possible to the addresses indicated. If access through a regular route is closed due to weather conditions, traffic accidents, etc., you will be forced to take another route to reach the agreed destination, but at no extra cost to you.


All hired transfer services are covered by liability insurance carrier or its subcontractor.


We do our best to send SMS confirmation if we requested, but the smooth running of this service depends on telephone networks beyond our control. In case of loss or delay of SMS, the customer should refer to the information provided by email or on “My Booking” section of our website.




5.1. On our website, you can see the prices of our services and detailed procedures for payment and delivery of services. The price of any Service is the price posted on our website at the date and time of the service request. We may change the price of any Service on our website before you make the request. We try to ensure that the prices published on our website are accurate, but we must validate the price charged for the service as part of the acceptance procedure (see clause 3.2 above). We will inform you if the service price is higher than specified in the application, and you may cancel it and decide whether to rent or not. If you cancel the service request, we will refund the amount paid.


5.2. Prices are calculated per vehicle. In most cases, our supplier policy requires each passenger is entitled to a standard-sized suitcase or travel bag and a luggage similar to that allowed by airlines hand. If you are traveling with golf clubs, surfboards or any other unusual object, do not forget to inform us in advance at the time of booking. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee transportation.


5.3. Payment by credit card at the time of application, as indicated in the “Booking Service” page of our website. This page also indicates which accept cards. Some credit card issuers charge us a management fee and we will charge if you pay with these credit cards.


5.4. Prices quoted on the website are expressed in euros (EUR) on the basis of the European Central Bank. Should problems arise, the correct price will be displayed in euros.



6.1 In our website C.B.A.Transfers, Electronic reservations can be made in several languages. The customer service offers support by phone and email, trying to act in the language used, but only guarantees attention in Spanish and English. Try to help in the language used to reserve whenever possible and Monday through Friday, can also communicate in French or Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish by phone or email with our booking.


6.2 We check the translation quality of our terms and general conditions of sale on our website, but in case of discrepancy the Spanish version is considered valid.



7.1 In the event of breaching these conditions will be liable only for those damages arising attributable to our negligence or our breach, and no more than the total amount paid by you. We are not responsible for damages that are not directly attributable to us or those produced by accident, force majeure or having their cause in legal or administrative requirements.

7.2 We are not responsible for incidents occurring during the service, in particular diseases, personal injury or death, unless directly resulting from our negligence.

7.3 This means that, under these conditions, we can accept responsibility if, for example, the passenger dies or suffers personal injury or if the shuttle does not lend itself as hired or lends itself poorly as a result of our inability or the inability of our employees or our inability to transport operators to provide the transportation service you hired using the knowledge and professionalism reasonable. Note that it is your responsibility to prove that lack of knowledge and professionalism if you have a complaint against the company.

7.4 In addition we will only be responsible for what our employees and transport operators do or fail to do while acting within the framework of their professional performance (for employees) or carrying out the work we have asked them (for transport operators).

No section 7.5 of these Terms limits or excludes:

  1. our liability to you for death or personal injury arising from our negligence.
  2. any other law holds you as a consumer and user and by law cannot be excluded or limited.

7.6 We were completely exempt from any liability if the customer purchases service directly with the transport operator.

7.7 We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of the contents of this website. The possibility that the page is affected by a computer virus cannot be ruled out. Anyway we will do our utmost to rectify any error that is we communicated as soon as possible.


8.1. If your flight changes direction for any reason, we recommend you call our hotline 24 hours as soon as possible to book another transfer at a reduced price. Note that under its terms and conditions are the responsibility of the airline ensure that passengers arrive at the airport original destination.

8.2 It is your responsibility to travel with your booking form which contains all the details of your reservation as well as the emergency number of our offices, available 24 hours a day. We accept no liability claims or compensation for any loss of service if you do not travel with your booking form.


9.1. If you detect a problem with the service, please contact the supplier or contact us at the numbers listed on the booking form. We will endeavor to review the problem with the supplier on your behalf and attempt to resolve the problem immediately.

9.2. If your return, you encounter a problem with the Service regarding Services C.B.A.Transfers, You must inform us as soon as possible by email to the address booking@cbatransfers.com. We will contact the supplier and try to resolve any problems with the service within 30 days from the date of notification.

9.3 Please note that claims must be made within 15 days of the return booking. The same applies if you have only made the return trip, you must file the complaint within 15 days of that date.


10.1 The destination address or pickup and accommodation is what is indicated in the booking form. To change this or other information, you must do so on the website under “MY BOOK” or email tobooking@cbatransfers.com  which it is our central reservations at least 24 hours before the travel date.

10.2 Any cancellation of the reservation must be managed directly on the website of “MY BOOK” or communicated by email to booking@cbatransfers.comat least 30 days before the travel date. You may cancel services separately or cancel a reservation in full. C.B.A.Transfers, return the amount paid.

10.3 C.B.A.Transfers, electronic archives all documents constituting the contract and is accessible to customers.

10.4. No amount will not be refunded if the cancellation occurs less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled time for the shuttle to cancel. In this case we will send you an email with confirmation of cancellation so you can use it to claim the amount against your tour operator, airline or insurance company.


11.1 At the time of booking, please inform us if any of the passengers use a wheelchair. Also indicate if the wheelchair is foldable or need a vehicle adapted for people with reduced mobility to ensure a vehicle adapted to your needs.


12.1 The local and national legislation “Directive 2003/20 / EC of the EU” states that “the use of child safety seats is mandatory for children under 135 cm tall or under 12 years.” All our transfer operators comply with the latest regulations. During the booking process, you will have the opportunity to book car seats for free.


12.2 However, there is a disclaimer of liability for vehicles that can transport children do not have adequate although additional seating.


  • Vehicles are subject to the following rules:

Children under three years, when in a taxi or authorized vehicle can sit in the back seat if there is additional seating available.

Children three years of age or older must wear a safety belt for adults if there is additional seating available.


In summary, the provider policy is as follows:

– Children under 3 years old can travel (in an adult’s lap) in the rear seat of a vehicle. In all cases, the child occupies a place that must be notified at the time of booking.

– If the customer chooses to use or carry an extra seat, the child should be included in the total number of passengers traveling from a vehicle seat.

– Children aged 3 years and older must wear a safety belt for adults if there is additional seating available.



13.1 By virtue of entering into this contract you tacitly granted to the company and the transport operator the right to refuse service to any passenger who, at the discretion of the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and those whose behavior can be dangerous for the driver of the vehicle, for others or for themselves.

13.2. Passengers are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages in vehicles to drink during the trip. The vendor also reserves the right to refuse carriage to any person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

13.3 Smoking is prohibited inside the vehicle and its immediate vicinity.

13.4 No eating inside the vehicle.

13.5 Passengers must pay the expenses incurred for the damage they cause. We reserve the right to accept these conditions and you authorize us to make charges on your credit card or debit damage to the vehicle (including for example a thorough cleaning) or objects that have disappeared from the vehicle.

13.6 We reserve the right not to accept more reservations for a client who has caused a major incident or incidents repeatedly.


It is imperative that we advise at time of booking if you are traveling with excess baggage, including: surfboards, bicycles, pet transport and other large items. This will ensure that vehicle suppliers to send a suitable vehicle. In case you are not notified at the time of booking, you will be responsible for any additional costs associated with the transportation of such items.


15.1 In order to facilitate rapid and efficient development of the relationship between C.B.A.Transfers and its customers, guaranteed by this notice C.B.A.Transfers customers who access the site Costablancaairportservices.com do so anonymously and are not registered by us for a service line. The user remains anonymous throughout his search through all information on the Site, and in no time your personal data is recorded for an online service in accordance with legal requirements and information concerning protection policy personal data (Law 15/99 of 13 December protection of personal data) and Royal Decree 1720/2007 approving the Regulation implementing the law is passed.

15.2 However, we use user IDs (cookies) on our websites to collect information about Web site usage, such as the server to which the user’s computer is connected, type of browser (egg Google or Microsoft Edge) and how the potential customer became aware of C.B.A.Transfers. We use this information only to help us improve our marketing policies and personal data of Internet users are not included in data collection.

15.3 Costablancaairportservices.com collect some personal data such as name, email address or mobile number of the person making the reservation and the people who use our transfer services.

15.4 By entering into a contract with us and accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, you consent tacitly C.B.A.Transfers, to use your personal information to carry out the requested service and ensure proper billing service. The data we collect are necessary so that we can fulfill our contract with you. We may need to contact you regarding your transfer, send your reservation confirmation via SMS (if requested so) and send you an email confirmation of payment and proof of reservation.

You may also need to request more information about your travel plans to ensure trouble-free service, send updated instructions on where to meet your driver, inform any necessary changes (especially in the case of changes to the service you have reserved information with us), or share useful information with you during your trip.

Flight number, train or boat and address of accommodation are also necessary information we need to make your transfer service. We also need to know the exact address where we’ll pick it up and we are going to take.

15.5 As for payments, the card details are entered into a highly secure payment page and never see nor store. In order to process and book, we may share your information with transport operators or other third parties involved. We will provide only the information necessary to ensure the success of your shuttle.

15.6 Users ‘ rights regarding their personal data. The customer may exercise their rights of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition to the processing, use and transfer of data in a communication addressed to C.B.A.Transfers, whose email address is booking@costablancaairtransfer.com.

The customer accepts the terms of this privacy policy, he consent to the transfer of personal data to third parties in order to obtain optimum service.

15.7 Once the interlocutor of our website becomes a customer, we can use the data provided during the booking process to provide appropriate future promotions and offers.

Details provided help us orient ourselves to other services of potential interest to you. These offers will be sent to your email address and may be based on the information we provide in the initial operation, in surveys, from information that may specify purchase preferences and lifestyle, as well as information available from external authoritative sources, such as transport operators and marketing companies.


You will be asked for your consent before we use your personal data for marketing purposes, for example, to send you information or offers of products, services, discounts or promotions that we believe may be of interest.


These e-mail offers come directly from us and sent in a format compatible with the information retrieved from the email client (HTML, rich graphics, etc.).


Your personal information may also be used for the general purpose of measuring consumer response and satisfaction with the services offered, therefore sometimes we send satisfaction surveys in order to obtain feedback about our website and services site. We do not share your comments or any other personal data entered in the polls with anyone, if we have specific authorization from you.


We keep track of your booking history in order to provide better customer service.


The collected personal data are stored in files kept by us. These records are declared to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


All information will be stored in our database, but anytime you can request cancellation of your subscription by contacting our emails booking@cbatransfers.com. The unsubscribe exclude any communication related services transfers required to provide the transfer service.


You may at any time exercise their rights of access, opposition, correction or deletion recognized in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals as regard to the processing of personal data and their free movement.


If you believe the information we have in our possession is incorrect or incomplete, or if you want to remove your personal data, you must send a request by email tobooking@cbatransfers.com. We comply with any request pursuant to current legislation (GDPR).

  1. Availability of services

16.1 We are not responsible for any costs, loss or damage arising from the purchase or attempted purchase of a service, or any cost, loss or related to the purchase of a particular service damage.

16.2. We have done our utmost to ensure that our website complies with Spanish legislation.

  1. Force majeure

We accept no liability for the fulfillment of our obligations or carrier is prevented or affected directly or indirectly by or resulting from a case of “force majeure”. However, you will not pay any compensation if we cancel or modify the service due to circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to, extreme weather events, natural disasters, terrorist acts, accidents Third transfer route, police checkpoints , traffic congestion extraordinary or strike, etc.