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History of Torrrevieja

Torrevieja is a coastal city and municipality in the province of Alicante, in the Valencian Community, Spain. Located in the south of the province, within the Vega Baja del Segura region, it is located in a place of high scenic and ecological value on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and next to the lagoons of La Mata and Torrevieja. With 83,337 inhabitants (data from January 2019) 2 it is the fifth city in number of inhabitants in the Valencian Community and the third in the province of Alicante

The origin of the name Torrevieja dates back to the time of the Reconquest, in reference to the different descriptive adjectives composed of “tower” and “lookout” in allusion to the existence of observation towers against the attacks of the Mediterranean coast. Therefore, in the case of Torrevieja, it had two defensive and watchtowers located specifically in the area of ​​Cape Cervera, where the most important were “Torrelamata”, which gives its name to a Torrevieja district and the “old-tower” which would be near the Cornuda cove and from which the origin of the name of the city is derived. In those days, Torrevieja was nothing more than a set of watchtowers and houses in which the workers of the salt flats lived. It was in 1803 when Carlos IV decided to transfer the administration of the Salinas Reales next to the “Old Tower”, and this is how the name of the municipality comes from the old Watch Tower, or Old, located in Eras de la Sal, an salt jetty.

The Torrevieja coat of arms collects the symbols of the Torrevieja coast. In the sea you can see the sailboats that were the means of exporting the salt from the salinas. The two small houses or barracks that are on the ground represent the incipient Torrevieja, against a sky dotted with seagulls. The watchtower occupies the center of the shield, being semi-destroyed, recalling the devastating earthquake that struck Torrevieja in 1829.

There is also the rhombus with the four red and yellow stripes, a sign of belonging to the Kingdom of Valencia. The emblem is symbolically crowned by the royal crown.

It has the characteristic rhythm and beat of the habanera. It exists its instrumental version and of band and choir. Composed by Ricardo Lafuente Aguado from Torrevieja.

Torrevieja occupies an area of ​​71 square kilometers, in which streets, beaches and lagoons are located. It has 20 km of coastline, highlighting the beaches of La Mata, Los Locos, El Cura, El Acequión or Los Náufragos.

Torrevieja is a city that enjoys a semi-arid Mediterranean climate, with rainfall of around 260 liters per square meter per year and an average temperature of 18ºC.

Torrevieja has a district, Torrelamata (or La Mata), located in the north of the city, in the direction of Guardamar del Segura.

The municipality of Torrevieja borders Guardamar del Segura to the north, Orihuela to the south, and Los Montesinos, Rojales and San Miguel de Salinas inland.

The Salinas de Torrevieja predate the 13th century and were an old royal possession.

Until 1802 in Torrevieja there was only an old guard tower, which gives the place its place name, and some salineros houses. But in 1803, King Carlos IV decreed the transfer of the administration of the Royal Salinas from La Mata to the location of the current nucleus of Torrevieja, and the construction of houses was authorized. In 1829, the town was totally destroyed by an earthquake and later rebuilt. The production and trade of salt determined and organized life in this place, which in 1931 became a city by privilege granted by Alfonso XIII. Artisanal production was limited in the 19th century to the manufacture of flax, hemp and cotton for popular consumption. Despite the fact that the anchorage made it difficult to load the salt, the port was not completed until 1954.

In the middle of the 19th century, the extraction of salt was directed mainly through Swedish and Dutch ships. The national market for this product was mainly Galician and, to a lesser extent, Valencian. The importance of the foreign market for this product has been maintained during the 20th century: a quarter of the salt produced is consumed in Spain and the rest is exported, its salt pans being the most important in Europe.

The official population of Torrevieja is 83,337 inhabitants, according to data from the 2019 municipal register. They are 4,135 less than the previous year and 2,968 less than in 2014. These sharp falls in the population are due, for the most part, to the bursting of the Real Estate Bubble.

As for the Spanish population registered in the municipality, the majority were born in the provinces of Alicante, Madrid, Murcia, Vizcaya and Asturias. Among foreigners, the most numerous are the British, since the figure amounts to about 13,226 inhabitants of the total population of the city (Municipal Register), followed by Germans, Swedes, Russians, Colombians, Ukrainians, Moroccans and Norwegians. The number of Torrevieja residents increases considerably in summer, reaching a total of almost 400,000. Along with Denia and Benidorm, Torrevieja is one of the fastest growing towns in Alicante at this time of year.

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